Park Tool

Park tool is one the leading manufacturers and designers in America for all kinds of bicycle tools and devices, pliers used for home mechanics of bicycle and professionals use. The company nearly manufactures more than 300 products ranging from hex wrenches and the wheel stands of truing. The company has manufactured superior quality of bicycle repair and maintenance tools which will give the technicians an edge over other mechanics so that they can repair the exercising bicycle fast. Park Tool PCS-10 is extensively used by many mechanics. The products of the park tool company have received good reviews of people as they can repair any work in their bikes and bicycle with their equipments and pliers.

Efficient bike work stands
The Park Tool PCS-10 is widely used bike work stands. They are durable, easy to use and very long lasting. The portability of theequipments is much better but not really amazing. It allows you to transport form one room to another or just near the vehicle trunk but you will not be able to carry much further if you are great racer and is there actually need to carry much further. Park tool brand name only sells in the work stands and they are excellent bike Equipment Corporation. It is said by one user that once the clamp broke in his bike and he took it returning to the Park tool company and they repaired in few minutes just new ever before and much better. When the park tool company was asked about this then they said that generally they do not get much clamp break ups and if they do then they make sure they fix it in best way without and other problems. This is the service ensured from respected brands and these exclusive brands make sure they give you fine quality in regards t great exercise bike clamp stands.

History of Park Tool Company
Art Engstrom and Howard Hawkins owned 3 bicycle shops in twin city area in 1963. As the manufacturing of exercise and more complex bicycles were increasing but they felt there was shortage of good equipment supplies as mot much tools were available and so they began creating the tools. Initially they made the stand which will lift the bike easily upwards so that each part is much exposed and easily accessible for any repairing work. Soon the company also started manufacturing various bicycle tools like wheel truing stands, gauges and wrenches. In 1980’s Art Engstrom and Howard Hawkins sold the bicycle shops to solely concentrate on the tool business and develop much better fine quality equipments.

Patents of the park tool
The founders of the company developed original clamping device with the bike repair stand with help of James E. Johnson and they received a patent by United States in 1976. The blue colors is mainly used in most of the Park tools and in many equipments you will see the handles in blue color but some tools are then also colored in different shades avoiding mechanics confusion due to similar appearance because blue is the trademark color for the Park tool company.


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